Hi, just arrived at this site? I recommend you to look at the section below first. This will give you brief information about the site map and content of this website..


First of all, this website is a personal website of me, Mohd Syahmi, you can know more about me at the "About this website" menu above.

Everything that is written and placed here is stuffs that I got from my lectures, tutorials and the internet.

I don't work for anyone and I didn't get any funding, I just write and make this website and its content, everything I have done here is done by myself, sacrificing my time, money and sweat.

I'm doing this as a hobby and the motivation to become a doctor and enthusiasm about websites that kept me typing and uploading new stuffs for this website.

People are welcome to contribute or comment about this website.

If you want to contact me, please email me at or

Website Map

This website is mostly in English and some part is in Indonesian which is under the "Indonesian" in the site menu above. They do not contain the same stuff. The Indonesian part contain mostly Indonesian medical notes and case discussions from my lectures and tutorials. If you are interested, you can still look up the Indonesian part because I had prepared a web translator toolbar there. Everyone can read it in various language provided by the toolbar.

While in the English part, it contain medical articles and pictures from the internet and some from textbook that I wrote again from the original textbook.

1) Home - front page/intro of the website and contain site map and brief information about this website.

2) About This Website - about the purpose of this website and about me.

3) Islamic - contains Islamic links, prayer time for Jakarta and a Gregorian/Hijrian calendar.

4) Trisakti University - about the university I'm studying at.

5) Life in Jakartatells you more about Jakarta and interesting places in Indonesia.

6) English - notes and pictures from the internet in English.

7) Indonesian - lecture notes and tutorial cases in Indonesian.

8) AoM blog - Place for you to leave comment and having discussions.

9) Links - links to other medical websites that I visited and others.

Recent News..

April 2009

11 April 2009
Artikel Anatomi Mata dimasukkan.

10 April 2009
Artikel Faringitis dimasukkan.

9 April 2009

Artikel Kelainan Telinga Luar dan Kelainan Liang Telinga dimasukkan.

8 April 2009
Artikel Rinitis Alergi dimasukkan.