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Trisakti University is a private university in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded on November 29, 1965, the university now has total active students of more than 30,000. Trisakti University is one of the biggest private universities in Jakarta with several campuses and 9 faculties:

  1. Faculty of Law
  2. Faculty of Medical Sciences
  3. Faculty of Dentistry
  4. Faculty of Economics
  5. Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning
  6. Faculty of Industrial Technologi
  7. Faculty of Mineral Technology
  8. Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Technology
  9. Faculty of Arts and Design

Trisakti University has 23 undergraduate program studies and 8 program studies for graduate students and 3 doctorate program studies. Lecturers totaling 1,019 for regular lecturers and 888 senior lecturers. Among these lectures 68 of them have been appointed as full professors.

The Grogol campus of the university was the site of the killing of four university students on May 12, 1998 during a massive student demonstration demanding political reforms. The shootings, a part of widespread unrest contributed to widespread student unrest during the Indonesian Revolution of 1998 that led to the resignation of president Suharto.

A significant recent development at Trisakti is the teaching of binary economics on the Islamic Economics & Finance postgraduate program (whose International Chair is Professor Masudul Alam Choudhury). Binary economics uses central bank-issued interest-free loans (administered by the banking system) for the spreading of productive (and the associated consuming) capacity, on market principles, throughout the population.

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